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Batch #15: Teeny weeny

Even though I won't be able to make icons until my finals are over (more like I won't let myself), I thought I should plug this:

Be a part of the democratic process!

And so it won't look so empty and spammy, I do have a few uglies, from last week's experiments, to share. Let's call it the starry night batch for obvious reasons.

12 Card Captor Sakura
-- 2x Clow
-- 1x Sakura
-- 1x Li
-- 1x Tomoyo
-- 1x Touya
-- 1x Kaho
-- 1x Cerberus
-- 1x Yue
-- 1x Eriol
-- 1x Spinel Sun
-- 1x Ruby Moon

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12

No direct-link, none of these is a base, please credit if used and comment if you want :3
Tags: card captor sakura, icons: kirisame
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