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Screencaps #02: Natsume Yuujinchou (13/13)

Here's the whole first season on screencaps.

Average: five hundred and so per chapter, around 120MB per zip
Size: 704x400
Source: BSSubs .mkv
Format: png
Software: The KMPlayer

I used a batch screencapping function, which means the software automatically capped the video with a certain frequency. I only deleted the blanks, the repeats, and the very blurry ones. Now, even though there are some images you might find "WTF, why didn't she delete it afterwards?", it just happens I'm a sucker for backgrounds and I didn't have the heart. Besides, the landscapes in NY are so pretty ♥

I haven't capped the OP and ED yet D: I'm not sure if I'll do Zoku screencaps since I downloaded avi files during my computer crisis. I might download the mkvs later and give it a go when I get up to date, I guess.

The zips are on my own server, so please be gentle and don't download several files at once. Oh, and please don't direct-link either. I'd much prefer it if you link to this post, this community, or my domain's index page instead.

Episode 01 (534 images, 123MB)
Episode 02 (548 images, 130MB)
Episode 03 (536 images, 129MB)
Episode 04 (582 images, 107MB)
Episode 05 (574 images, 125MB)
Episode 06 (552 images, 113MB)
Episode 07 (555 images, 135MB)
Episode 08 (545 images, 123MB)
Episode 09 (547 images, 125MB)
Episode 10 (551 images, 128MB)
Episode 11 (531 images, 127MB)
Episode 12 (566 images, 117MB)
Episode 13 (560 images, 132MB)
Tags: screencaps: natsume yuujinchou
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