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Requests? Apparently so

Oh hi, it's the fail-artist formerly known as Prince amewarashi, not to point out her rename, but coming to icondork with a festive mood. Why?

hurray for 360 watchers!

...Nevermind that two of them are us, some accounts are dead now, and there might be duplicate accounts around. Milestone is round :| I like that number, it's cyclical.

So, like the title says, I (just me, sorry if you wanted one by Estefanía) am doing shareable requests with a twist. It's lottery request! icondork works on an European timezone, so I kinda don't want to open N slots to be grabbed by the ones who were online at that time. Instead, here's what we're going to do.

1. Leave one to three requests in a comment. Just leave one (1) comment for person, please do not use sockpuppets or RP accounts because it's unfair.
2. You have until September 3, 12:12 am (London timezone) to do so. That's twenty-four (24) hours from now. Nevermind, just keep them coming.
3. I count the participants. Depending of the number of people, I'll decide how many slots I can tackle on.
4. Then I use a ~*~random generator~*~ to choose people. Hey, I'm a computer scientist! We ♥ random generators.
5. I'll (very slowly) do the icons. I can't promise I'll do all three request per person, however.
6. ???
7. ...Profit?

There are some rules, however. I know they might not be to you guys' liking, but this is how I roll.

1. All icons I make are shareable.
2. Don't ask me for images that are too explicit. Artistic nude maybe, depending of the image. Basically, nothing NSFW.
3. Fanart, especially Japanese fanart that's still online, is a no. Doujinshi art or fanart in an official artbook are fine, as long as it's not NSFW.
4. Be very specific about the subject you want, particularly if you toss a group image, a screencap with many people, or an entire manga page at me. Tell me which character(s) in that image you want.
5. Please provide the image in a good size, and as cleared as possible. Don't go all "you know that image where X is wearing Y clothes?". No, please fetch the image for me.
6. Don't block my creativity. No "please make the icon blue, using this texture, and with these lyrics on Arial 10pt italics". L-let me play with it?
7. I reserve the right to pick or refuse a request. Mostly because I'm not great at this and it might be a hard image.
8. I apologize beforehand if the icon is not of your liking, but please don't be rude to me. I try my best...

Uh. Also remember I'm not that awesome at manga coloring, so don't expect something extraordinary. And I'm even worse at live-action. Okay, that's it ♥ I hope we can get something cool here.
Tags: icons: kirisame, requests

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