September 2nd, 2009

Ammy / ticket to the end of the rainbow

Requests? Apparently so

Oh hi, it's the fail-artist formerly known as Prince amewarashi, not to point out her rename, but coming to icondork with a festive mood. Why?

hurray for 360 watchers!

...Nevermind that two of them are us, some accounts are dead now, and there might be duplicate accounts around. Milestone is round :| I like that number, it's cyclical.

So, like the title says, I (just me, sorry if you wanted one by Estefanía) am doing shareable requests with a twist. It's lottery request! icondork works on an European timezone, so I kinda don't want to open N slots to be grabbed by the ones who were online at that time. Instead, here's what we're going to do.

1. Leave one to three requests in a comment. Just leave one (1) comment for person, please do not use sockpuppets or RP accounts because it's unfair.
2. You have until September 3, 12:12 am (London timezone) to do so. That's twenty-four (24) hours from now. Nevermind, just keep them coming.
3. I count the participants. Depending of the number of people, I'll decide how many slots I can tackle on.
4. Then I use a ~*~random generator~*~ to choose people. Hey, I'm a computer scientist! We ♥ random generators.
5. I'll (very slowly) do the icons. I can't promise I'll do all three request per person, however.
6. ???
7. ...Profit?

There are some rules, however. I know they might not be to you guys' liking, but this is how I roll.

Collapse )

Uh. Also remember I'm not that awesome at manga coloring, so don't expect something extraordinary. And I'm even worse at live-action. Okay, that's it ♥ I hope we can get something cool here.