February 27th, 2012

Myth / LOL Aesir

Batch #25: I don't even know

Hey, just a heads up! I'm not moving out of LJ or anything, but I'm crossposting my stuff on Dreamwidth. My icon posts (just mine, I want to clear that up) are now backed up on [community profile] amalgam. So if you want to credit my icons over there, or you just want to add it to your reading list because you're more active on DW, here you go. Yup.

Let's clear the dust a bit! Unfortunately, can't say the icons this time are nice or interesting. Here's a batch of scraps I've been accumulating. Uh, enjoy?

Bearsona Persona 4 [1 - 22] (all Teddie)
✔ Ace Attorney [23 - 40] (half Ema, half ridiculous)
✔ Heroes of Olympus [41 - 52] (misc official art)
✔ Tales of the Abyss [53 - 59] (Tear, one of Anise)
✔ Miscellaneous [60 - 67] (Okami, Norse mythology)

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