☂ Internet trickster (rainmage) wrote in icondork,
☂ Internet trickster

Affiliates list

Tags: admin, affiliates

  • Batch #25: I don't even know

    Hey, just a heads up! I'm not moving out of LJ or anything, but I'm crossposting my stuff on Dreamwidth. My icon posts (just mine, I want to clear…

  • Batch #24: In the summertime

    A bit monothematic. I apologize for pulling this crap after so many months o_ô → Okami x50 → Pokémon x42 → Kid Icarus x4 → FMA…

  • Batch #23: ...H-happy new year?

    ...Uh, well. I've been either uninspired or too busy for months, so this is why there hasn't been posts lately. I apologize to those waiting for…

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