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Batch #10: Yes, Internet memes

First of all, I want to thank the folks who nominated this journal and both of us for tokyonoir's animanga iconmakers awards ^_^ Estefanía's output about this was, literally "WTFFFFF." Mine is "someone remembers my username?!" Personally, I don't know what the hell I am still doing there -I understand Este, but not myself- considering I'm not what you'd call a famous or even a good iconmaker, 3/5 of my votes were made by my mutual friends (and really, I actually told them off by cheating me in), and none of the big CLAMP iconmakers supported my nomination. Personally, I doubt I deserve it.

Second, I don't know what icons of mine to suggest for the run. I'm supposed to choose five to seven, but I'm not sure what to use since I lack what you'd call a personal style. They all look different! Which ones define me?! If any of you can make suggestions on good CLAMP icons I've made (and by good I mean pretty, not funny; the Kuro-llama song, for instance, is not pretty), I'll appreciate it. To save you time, I have them all listed by series here.

Well, I moved last month so between that and the incredible icon's block I've been having, I didn't have a lot to offer. So it looks like all I could do for this batch were bad jokes, some of them even in-jokes- and spinoffs of Internet memes. This time, art was sacrificed for the sake of, um, cheesy humor. However, I think the muse is sort of returning, so I might try to do more icons soon. If this semester's Schedule from Hell lets me.

07x Gohou Drug -Rikuou, Kazahaya, Kakei, Saiga
05x Cardcaptor Sakura -Yue, Yukito, Cerberus, Kaho, Eriol
04x XXXHOLiC -Doumeki, Yuuko, Raijuu
03x Ouran Host Club -Tamaki, Honey, Nekozawa
02x Princess Tutu -Fakir
02x Fullmetal Alchemist -Ed, Kimbley
02x Tsubasa -Primera, Spirit slash
02x RG Veda -Ashura
01x Kino no Tabi -Kino
01x Harry Potter -Luna
01x Kobato -Ioryogi
01x Dukylon -Kentarou and Takeshi
01x Magic Knight Rayearth -Lafarga
01x X -Kamui
01x Random CLAMP -Clow-cola?!

TOTAL: 34 icons


Same rules: credit if used, comment if you like, don't direct link, blanks are not bases.

Notes and explanations:
-- IM IN UR __, __IN UR __Z: the Wikipedia entry was deleted, so you'll have to settle with Encyclopedia Dramatica (note: some examples there are offensive O_o)
08: Quoting Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean 2.
24: lyrics by Red Hot Chili Peppers
26: Um, long story. I was talking to someone in my journal about how much and how little Fujitaka resembles Clow, and I go and say "Fujitaka is Diet Clow." So, heh, it all went downhill, and I started stating how Clow Reed is like the Coca-cola company, with so many variations of its classic formula and other derivatives that have nothing to do with it (like Fanta and stuff). Hence, the bad in-joke of Clow-cola was born, along with Photoshopping logotypes.
27: Done for tsubasa_awards' theme regarding weird couples. And I wonder, how come there's no Spirit slash?! There's Kyle, there's Mr. Glossum (or whatever spelling you fancy), there's the guy with the rifle, and the town lacks important female characters who are alive. It boggles my mind.
34: Last month, csakuras was asking people to do a Kimbley icon with the text "Smooth criminal". I went beyond and animated it. She didn't use it, but here it is :D Lyrics, obviously, from the Michael Jackson song.
Tags: card captor sakura, duklyon, fullmetal alchemist, gohou drug, hp, icons: kirisame, kino no tabi, kobato, magic knight rayearth, ouran koukou host club, princess tutu, rg veda, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, x, xxxholic
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